Consistent Content System

The get-it-done system you need to consistently publish business-boosting content

As the creator of a digital program, you already know creating consistent content has business-boosting benefits.

You can use it to...

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your space, becoming the trusted source of information
  • Increases your “trust” factor (and more trust = more sales)
  • Rank higher in search engines because Google favors websites with fresh, relevant, and original content
  • Be top-of-mind when your prospects think of their most trusted and liked resources
  • Strengthen your brand identity, ensuring it’s immediately recognizable
  • Get not only more organic and repeat traffic but also give visitors a reason to return
  • Grow your email list by directing visitors to your shiny, new lead magnet.
  • Nurture your subscribers with new content, increasing the chances that they buy your digital program.

Knowing you should be publishing new blog posts, videos, or podcasts consistently isn’t the issue.

The true challenge is doing it


Instead of making time for the content you need to be publishing to grow your list, build your brand, and connect with new potential customers…

You find yourself prioritizing other work -- coaching your students, showing up in your Facebook group, and working on every single new idea that pops into your brain at 3AM.

Before you know it, days become weeks, weeks become months, when one day you realize:

“I haven’t published anything new in 6 months!”

Cue full-blown mental meltdown.

"My subscribers are going to forget who I am."

"All that work I’ve put in is WASTED."

"Where are next month’s projects going to come from?"

"Is that why people aren’t signing up for my program?!"

If you’re being 100% honest with yourself...

Can you really expect your business to grow if you don’t prioritize the content that’s going to grow your list, build your brand, and connect with new potential customers?!

No way.

Maybe you’ve been making content plan after content plan, hopefully clicking on every Facebook ad that promised you another “perfect” strategy.

You’ve got 5 different editorial calendar downloads sitting on your desktop right now. Oh look, there’s another one.

Having a plan is a good start. But…

At the end of the day, that plan is just a 8-page spreadsheet full of dreams - that is - until you execute it.

If the “perfect” plan isn’t enough…

If an editorial calendar won’t get you there...

There’s a huge piece missing and it’s keeping you from hitting all your publishing deadlines next quarter.

The big picture strategy can only take you so far.

Consistent daily or weekly execution is what will get you to the finish line

Solo business owners and micro teams struggle to execute their content plans because they don’t have a solid system in place to get the nitty-gritty daily and weekly work done.

If you want to consistently put out business-boosting content to promote your digital programs, what you need is a complete get-it-done system for managing and tracking your content through ideation to creation, publishing, and promotion activities.

How do I know?


I used to be a business owner who struggled to publish content consistently -

until I started using a system

I know what it feels like…

  • to wear 17 different hats in your business because that’s how many I wear on a weekly basis,
  • to have stuff going on everywhere,
  • to be overwhelmed and stressed out with project work,
  • to let leads fall through the cracks simply because I forgot to follow up,
  • to neglect prospecting, marketing, and publishing content because I had other stuff to do

To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I was drowning in TO-DOs and neglecting even more should-DOs.

Then one day, I realized when I don’t publish my business suffers. Something had to change.

I decided to implement a smart but simple system to keep my content work on track and myself sane.

I’m not alone either.

I talk with business owners and teams on a daily basis who still suffer from that same situation: utter chaos.

Stuff goes forgotten… undone… neglected... until one day you look up and think:

“How have I not posted anything new in months?!”

It’s easier than you think.

Because, at some point, all the stuff you’re doing became too complicated to manage in your head, with a checklist, or on Google Calendar.

If you feel like you’re drowning in to-dos and worse, should-dos…

If you’re not hitting your most important KPIs like subscriber and sales targets…

If you’re not getting your content out consistently…

It’s time for a system worthy of a growing business.

One of the first systems I set up was for creating content and, as a result, I show up consistently month after month, hitting every content goal I make in my 90-Day Business Plan.

If you want to consistently publish the brand-boosting content your online business needs to thrive (and sell) on the web, the secret lies in your system.


The Consistent Content System

The get-it-done system for creating, publishing, and promoting business-boosting content consistently

More than just a static editorial calendar, the Consistent Content System helps you track and manage your content from idea through all the phases of creating, publishing, and promoting.

It addresses the whole environment of content creation, factoring in your time, your resources, and your workflows and processes.

Engineer your schedule to automatically have time each week for content creation. Every time you sit down in front of your laptop, know exactly where to start and what happens next. See what you and your team are working on and at what stage each blog post, video, or podcast episode is. Then easily gauge what’s on time and what’s behind schedule.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working alone or with a micro team, a successful business needs smart systems.

Here’s how you hit your publishing deadlines, month after month, and reap the business-boosting benefits of publishing content consistently:

Get forever access to 14 videos (averaging 5 in length) and 11 downloadable PDFs, including step-by-step demos, workflow templates, calendar hacks, and project management tips.

The best part is the workshop is broken down into bite-sized, actionable lessons so that you can set up your system fast.

In module 1, outline a content plan that works for your business

Yep, you need a plan, but not just any plan. Despite what those Facebook ads promise, there’s no such thing as a perfect strategy. What works for them might not be a good fit for your business.

The only plan you should be making is a strategic one that you can reasonably execute given your time, team, and resources.

Your plan has to fit your business.

You can’t expect to publish high-quality blog posts 3x per week, every week, if you’re running a solo business or working with a micro-team. And forget being on all the platforms, all the time.

Can you work towards that with time and extra resources? Sure.

Will it work right now? Probably not.

That’s why, we start with outlining a simple plan that works for YOUR business. It’s a starting point that you’ll refine over time as you learn what works for your business and what doesn’t.

What entrepreneur or micro team needs a 12-page content strategy?! No thanks.

The plan you outline in module 1 will light and flexible, so you can get moving fast.

These actionable lessons help you outline your content plan in module 1:

  • How to plan the “right” content strategy that you can reasonably execute (without putting you or your team into a panic every time deadlines roll around)
  • How to strategically sync up content with big business goals so that everything you publish contributes to your bottom line
  • 5 types of content to post so that you get noticed by your best prospects, not ignored
  • Where to post to get the most impact out of the time and effort invested in creating your content
  • How often to post to reap business-boosting benefit without stressing out yourself or your team
  • How to engineer your schedule to post consistently (so you don’t have the chance to procrastinate or work on other things)
  • How to make 1 piece of content do 10x the work so you get the most mileage out of everything you create

Please note: this is not a workshop on creating individual pieces of content. You won’t learn how to write a blog post or record a video or podcast. The focus of this training is setting up a system for tracking the work, so you publish consistently.

In module 2, set up your content-crushing system in a day (or less)

For consistency, you’re going to need more than an editorial calendar, a Google spreadsheet, or notes on a piece of paper.

That’s why in module 2, we’ll look at engineering all aspects of content creation for consistency.

This goes beyond setting deadlines (though, we’ll do that too).

Step-by-step videos show you how to set up no-brainer processes, templatize your workflows, and manage your content pieces through the different phases of creation with a project management tool like Asana.

(Yep, you can use Asana for free.)

Sit down at your laptop and breathe out a sigh of relief because you can see and manage EVERYTHING in one central place. You’ll always know what’s scheduled, what’s in progress, and what’s off track.

Your Asana-based Consistent Content System is the headquarters for your content ideas, creation, publishing, and promoting.

These actionable lessons help you set up your system in module 2:

  • How to set up your content-slaying calendar and processes in Asana
  • How to “mine” for content ideas in online conversations
  • What to do every time you sit down to create
  • How to set up your content HQ to keep all your docs, images, and files organized
  • Copy and paste my blog content workflow to jumpstart your blog post creation
  • Copy and paste my video content workflow to jumpstart your video creation
  • 6 Key actions you need to cross-off to become a content slayer

Then grab behind-the-scenes templates, tutorials + tools I use in my digital business

No clue when it comes to copywriting, design, or tools? Not a problem. Download copywriting templates, blog post examples, tool recommendations, and behind-the-scene tutorials of how I create content for my business.

  • How I created 12 weeks of content in 5 days
  • The 5-Day Content Batching Schedule
  • Video Intro Script Templates + Example
  • Video Outro Script Templates + Examples
  • Case Study Blog Post Outline + Example
  • Behind the scenes: How to create amazing looking visuals for your content with minimal design skills
  • Behind the scenes: How to create + edit videos minimal video skills required
  • 12 Marketing tools I use + recommend

Sample a video from the workshop:

Course Curriculum

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Give The Consistent Content System 30 days.

If you’ve done the work and you’re not more organized, more consistent, and more confident, get your money back.

This system works. I know because I use it every week in my business.

If, after 30 days, you’re not more organized, more consistent, and more confident using The Consistent Content System, show me you did the work and give feedback on what’s missing, and you’ll get your money back.

**This is not a buyer’s remorse policy.**

Please only enroll if you fully intended to implement the system in your business. Refunds will only be considered for people who’ve done the work and found the workshop lacking in regards to what was promised.

Enroll in The Consistent Content System today and get forever access to all training materials + downloads

… including 14 videos (averaging 5 in length), 11 downloadable PDFs, step-by-step demos, workflow templates, calendar hacks, and project management tips.

Plus! Grab behind-the-scenes templates, tutorials + tools I use in my digital business

Use it for 30 days risk free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Consistent Content System take to set up?
If you already have a solid content process and defined workflows, you can reasonably watch all videos and set up your Asana assets in a normal working day or faster. Even if you’re new to the content game, you can jumpstart your system using the processes and workflow templates I use and have shared inside the workshop. Then modify them to fit what works for you as you go.
Can I use Asana for free?
Yep, Asana offers a free account for solo business owners and small teams. The system taught and demoed inside this training was created and is used with the free version of Asana.
Can I use this system with a project management tool other than Asana?
In theory, yes, you should be able to use the same principles in other project management tools like Trello or Monday. That said, this workshop is taught using Asana because I believe it to be a fantastic (free) tool. There will not be support or additional materials for other project management tools. You’ll be responsible for figuring out how to implement it in your tool of choice. Spreadsheets, documents, and Google calendar are too simple to support a system like this. I highly recommend Asana. Plus, you can set up and use the Consistent Content System with the free Asana account.
How is The Consistent Content System different from an editorial calendar?
An editorial calendar is helpful to map the big picture (like for strategy), but most are useless for execution. Alone, they don’t help you manage the work, collaborate with your team, or even set up your calendar to get the work done. An editorial calendar is just a piece of creating consistent content. It tells you what needs to be done at a high-level but doesn’t help in the daily grind of doing the work. Even if you have an editorial calendar you’re more or less happy with, you can use this Asana-based Consistent Content System to make it more dynamic and actionable and to manage the work through your processes.
I sell digital services. Is this right for me?
Yep. This is the same system I use in my business, and I sell digital services, courses, and workshops.
When do I get access to the workshop?
You get access immediately after completing your purchase.
How long do I have access to the workshop?
You have lifetime access to this workshop with your one-time payment.
I’m a one-(wo)man business. Do I really need a system for creating content consistently?
Yes, you can only benefit from implementing simple systems to keep your business organized. As your business grows, as you add more and more activities to the mix, it gets harder to keep up with everything in your head. Even if you want to keep your solo act, having a system helps keep you organized and on top of everything, so you don’t wake up restlessly in the middle of the night wondering if you remembered to update your Facebook page. If you hope to grow enough to hire help at some point, you definitely want to have your systems in place before you onboard new employees or subcontractors. And if you’re currently working solo and outsourcing small things to freelancers, there’s a 99.9% chance they won’t come in with solid processes to manage the work they do for you (unless you’re working with me, of course).

The Consistent Content System is designed for solo business owners + micro teams who:

  • Need to create content to market their businesses but struggle to publish consistently
  • Don’t have a content system or don’t have a system they’re successful with
  • Are already using a project management tool or are open to using one (Asana’s free!). Using a PM tool is required for taking this training
  • Can block a day in their week to sit down, go through the training, and set up the system
  • Already know how to create individual piece of content like write a blog post or record a video episode. This training won’t teach that

Sound like you? Then The Consistent Content System is for you.

Wouldn’t it be a game-changer for your business if you could get out your blog posts, videos, or podcast consistently month after month?

Of course it would. The Consistent Content System will get you there.

Enroll today and have your system setup and ready to go by this time tomorrow.

Get forever access to all training materials + downloads including 14 videos (averaging 5 in length), 11 downloadable PDFs, step-by-step demos, workflow templates, calendar hacks, and project management tips.

Plus! Grab behind-the-scenes templates, tutorials + tools I use in my digital business

Use it for 30 days risk free.

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Paige Swaffer
Paige Swaffer

Paige Swaffer is a certified funnel strategist, certified conversion copywriter, and founder of The Impact Copywriter. She helps businesses turn more strangers into subscribers, signups, and sales — ultimately, unlocking new levels of business growth. Paige has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the world boost their sales with strategic sales funnels and conversion copywriting.